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1. Why do I need this?
Airlog Monitor is a must use solution for aircraft asset management that preserves the value of the aircraft, keeps all important and valuable documents safe. Maintenance log and journey log can all be found in one place and properly secured by blockchain.
2. How can I use it?

Step 1 - create an account.

Step 2 - Add your aircraft.

Step 3 - Add aircraft documents.

Keep all the maintenance and journey logs up-to-date and enjoy using Airlog Monitor. You can start using Airlog Monitor by registering here and use it on web and in the app.

3. How can I put my documents in the system?
Take pictures or scan and upload in your account.
4. Who can have access to my documents?
You are able to control it yourself. Airlog Monitor features give the possibility for you to set the team member’s account access on the different levels and add new team members.
5. Is the system safe?
Is the system safe?
6. How can I use it for regulation services?
How can I use it for regulation services?
7. How often should I update information?
After you digitize all the information that has accumulated over the years of operation, then just continue to load all the data into the system as it is received. Also, you will receive notifications.
8. If I will need to sell my aircraft, what should I do with my Airlog Monitor account?
Your account is your aircraft’s document and all important data keeper, so it must be transferred to a new owner.
9. How it preserves value of my aircraft?
Airlog secures that your documents, maintenance and journey logs are never lost, and ensures full traceability of every document
1. Who should create an account - sales manager, or client?
Airlog Monitor account should be created by the aircraft owner or person who responsible for management of the same. After, they can provide access to third parties. Airlog Monitor Account can be created by anyone but in order to add a new aircraft to the system you or your company must be an official aircraft owner
2. How many aircraft can I have in one account?
In one account you can add as many aircraft as you own.
3. What additional sales services does Airlog Monitor offer?
In Airlog Monitor you have a secure blockchain database what keeps all the valuable aircraft data and documents in one place. You can always ask for any additional service here:
4. What happens to the account after the sale of the aircraft?
The owner must transfer the account to a new aircraft owner.
5. How to use Airlog Monitor for business?
You have immediate access to aircraft documents in a real-time, and all time updated status. It helps save time and bring all sales negotiation into the next level. If you have more questions, please let us know.

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